Workshop Holistic benefits of spiritual Energies




Holistic benefits of spiritual energies for health, happiness  and wellbeing

Holistic therapy hast to include all aspects of human life. Physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are interwoven. Whatsoever happens, has all aspects.
As an engineer with broad experience in meditation and holistic health, Gerhard K. Pieroth, the co-founder of Lichtwesen, will introduce useful models  for understanding the life-path and show proven ways of a wider, holistic treatment of sickness and the lack of happiness and wellbeing. 

The system is free from all religions and beliefs and integrates very simply and practical tools for consciousness into all kinds of therapy and lifestyle, aiming on a fulfilled and happy life. 

It is available for individuals and of course a valuable tool for more success as a therapist.

Your Host:  Gerhard Pieroth


Datum: nog niet bekend 

Verzorging:  inclusief LUNCH, thee en koffie


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