Workshop Being Complete



Being complete. Integration of Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul (or spiritual aspects)

This seminar includes traveling through the entire spiritual world of Ascended Masters, various Angels and Elohim. You will be lifted into these energies and experience them yourself. Relax and enjoy!

Beside this own experience beyond the words, you will get all necessary information for the mind in order to grasp what is going on, including models and facts.

Gerhard K. Pieroth is an engineer, has great experience in meditation and energetic work and is the co-founder of LichtWesen from Germany. He is your seasoned travel-guide in these realms.

You will get a different understanding of your own life and its chances and how you can get more out of it, how you can be more fulfilled by your life-experience and be happier. 

You will learn easy techniques of how to make the contact and travel for yourself and get the benefits from the spiritual world. It does not need any belief, faith or religion, just your curiosity to find yourself, in all your aspects.

A seminar that is fun, understanding and learning.

Your Host:  Gerhard Pieroth


Datum: nog niet bekend 

Verzorging:  inclusief LUNCH, thee en koffie


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